From the underground to the inescapable, our roundup of new music that must be heard…

Album: Content Nausea - Parkay Quarts

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Brooklyn’s Parkay Quarts (formerly known as Breuckelen’s Parquet Courts) have made their bones articulating haute-bohemian ennui at warp speed, the band’s breakneck pace barely keeping time with frontman and songwriter Andrew Savage’s breathless, beat-style ravings. New record Content Nausea has the band slowing to a more comprehensible speed, though the sound and lyrical content are as dense as ever with Savage training his monotone ire on the alienating effects of city life’s hyper-convenience and informational overkill. In the wrong hands, this kind of stuff could veer into pretension or paranoia, but Savage, a Texan by birth, proves to be a humble and immensely relatable polemic grounding his fears in everyday particularities more in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm than OK Computer. The record peaks in its slowest and final track, the epic “Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth,” in which Savage’s delivery relaxes into a David Berman-like drawl. Clocking in at over six minutes, it’s the finest and most moving song this band has recorded. With any luck, Parquet Courts will keep giving themselves as much time as they need. 

Track: “Otitis” - Mourn


Barcelona foursome Mourn have abruptly emerged from their country’s bumper crop of lo-fi '90s kids. It’s amazing, given the tender ages of everyone involved, how earnest the despair of new single “Otitis” sounds. Chan Marshall, Patti Smith, Kurt Cobain -- these are major-league bummer-rockers to channel on a first album, especially when each had a harrowing early-adulthood from which to summon all manner of hurt to the studio. But Mourn, though lacking in downtown squalor or salt-sprayed Seattle gloom, break free of their influences on the strength of vocalists Carla Perez Vas and Jazz Rodriguez Bueno (both 18) whose expertly harmonized voices push to the front of this muscular, propulsive track.

Album: The Hum Hookworms


England’s Hookworms, who dress like off-duty record store clerks and go by their respective initials in all official press items, conceal the confidence and ambition of a more seasoned band beneath their meeker-than-thou trappings. With new record The Hum, the Leeds fivesome have rescued psych-rock from the Bay Area’s armies of assorted John Dwyer wannabes and supplied it with a depth of emotion conspicuously lacking in the vacant, hypnotic riffage of lesser bands.

Album: Avonmore - Bryan Ferry

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Bryan Ferry holds serve on Avonmore, the 15th record of his remarkably tasteful and -- a few ill-timed divorces and public political commentaries aside --dignified post-Roxy Music career. Clarity and elegance define Ferry’s production, which thrums with secondary synth and guitar flourishes while never sounding busy, but it’s the inimitable crackling in his voice on track “Soldier of Fortune” that recalls the more harrowing glamor of his earlier days. Stream it now on Spotify.

About the author: Spencer Shawcross is a freelance writer in San Francisco. He hearts the TL and its many music venues. 

Meet our new friends, The Soft White Sixties! Hailing from our hometown of San Francisco, The Soft White Sixties' unique blend of soul, psych-rock, and R&B is making a big splash in the Bay Area. In the past year, they played to a sold out Independent for an album release show, saw their biggest audience when performing on the main stage at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, and finally realized their dream of playing the Fillmore. Band members Octavio Genera (vocals), Aaron Eisenberg (guitar/keys), Ryan Noble (bass), and Joey Bustos (drums) seamlessly combine soulful grooves and fuzzed-out rock with a hint of blues to form a completely distinct sound. 


Today we're happy to premiere the official music video for their new song 'Don't Lie To Me' off of their debut album Get Right. Directed by their very own guitarist Aaron Eisenberg, the video was shot between tour dates and edited on the road. Here's some background on it from the Sixties:

"We've been on the road so much this year that we've hardly had time for anything else. Somehow we managed to squeeze in a video shoot while we were home for a few days in July between tours. With some help from our good friends at Repertoire Productions, we were able to knock out the shooting in a day and then Aaron edited it all together from a laptop on the road over the next month. We're stoked to premiere this video via our friends at Sol Republic because they are based in San Francisco just like us and they make some of the best sounding, comfortable headphones we have had the chance to use.”

Without further ado, we present the official video for 'Don't Lie To Me':

Snag a copy of their debut album Get Right on iTunes and make sure to follow The Soft White Sixties on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Whether you're a born and raised local or a lost Bay Area transplant looking to find the best tunes in the city, we've picked out this week's best live shows in our home town of San Francisco for you to check out.

Deerhoof + Crystal Skulls + Go Dark @ Great American Music Hall (Tuesday)


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The fall release tours are at their peak and have led the Deerhoof trio to traverse the country in support of La Isla Bonita. The new set of tunes has added to over two decades of frenzied rock & roll. Want to become completely lost in a game of musical chairs between dizzying guitar riffs, deep bass grooves, and sugar-coated pop vocals? Want to prove you can still dance at a rock show for more than one song without passing out? Buy a ticket. Watch the latest video for "Exit Only" featuring a deadly duel between Michael Shannon and Michael Shannon.

GrizfolkX AmbassadorsDoe Eye @ The Independent (Wednesday)


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We've given the fine folks of Grizfolk a shout out before so if you've missed your chance last time, the LA quintet are kind enough to bring their folk influenced pop north once again. There's no need to show up fashionably late either thanks to local talent Doe Eye. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Maryam Qudus released her first full length TELEVISION earlier this year, making an evolutionary leap in her dark dream pop since 2011's Run Run Run. There's bolder percussion, grunge level distortion, all with the continued haunting vocals.

FKA Twigs + Boots @ The Warfield (Thursday)


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The volume at which people have been talking about this English songstress throughout the year keeps growing. There also have yet to be any signs of slowing since releasing her debut album, LP1, and entrancing the US with her appearance on Jimmy Fallon last month. Given her packed house at the Great American Music Hall during her first appearance in the city back in August, a jump to The Warfield is well warranted. With a mix of trip-hop and pop, Twigs is all entertainer on stage, oh, and those dance moves...

Gardens & Villa @ Rickshaw Stop (Friday) + @ The Independent (Saturday) 

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This may lead to a very strategic decision or simply end in two nights of music. Gardens & Villa have a two night stint spanning two venues with two separate groups of support acts. 2011's inaugural release could draw comparisons to MGMT, Passion Pit, or Animal Collective with a heavy focus on the falsetto vocal styling. After repeatedly winning over Bay Area crowds from small clubs to Outside Lands the new addition to their catalog has a new layer of the late 80's while keeping all their old tricks. For a local comparison, place them somewhere between Guy Fox and Painted Palms.

Radiation City + Wild Ones + Be Calm Honcho @ Rickshaw Stop (Sunday)

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A tag team of Portland indie revelers are heading our way along with locals Be Calm Honcho. Wild Ones' last trip to the Bay was filled with a healthy dose of new music which will again be expected, coupled with the full spectrum of their breakout LP Keep It Safe. Danielle Sullivan has continued to command the mic while the band eagerly feeds off each others energy. Also with a 2013 release in tow, Radiation City has continued to create pop music that will conjure up your fondest summer memories and help with the onset of winter.

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This month we're bringing you an awesome mix of songs curated by Savior of Sound record label Trouble & Bass as part of the SOL REPUBLIC Mix Series. 

For those of you looking for a sound laced in bass, Trouble & Bass artists Doctor Jeep and Tony Quattro are dishing out the best tracks for bass lovers in this episode of the Mix Series. Start the week right by cranking up the volume to this: 


Die & Mensah - Firing Line [Gutterfunk]

Doctor Jeep - Pitch Black [Forthcoming Trouble & Bass]

Doctor Jeep - Violinz [Forthcoming Trouble & Bass]

South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix) (TQ LOOP)

Stanton Warriors - World Needs Bad Men [Unreleased]

Masta Ace - Jeep Ass Gutter (Aaron La Crate & Debonair Samir Remix) [Delicious Vinyl]

Lobster Boy - Planet X [Lobster Boy]

DJ Tameil - Rude Boy Giddy Up [Moveltraxx]

Mak & Pasteman x Mella Dee - Mad City [Monki & Friends]

Sweet Leech – Yons [MK387]

Tony Quattro & Doctor Jeep - Torpedo [Forthcoming Trouble & Bass]

The Wizard - Like A Pro (Dubbel Dutch Remix) [Self-Released]

Zahara - Lengoma (Renato Xtrova Avacalho Mix) [Self-Released]

Joe Goddard & Kidnap Kid ft. Moko - Let Me Go [Monki & Friends]

Mala Noche e Comrade – Gangasterinha [Funk na Caixa]

JSTJR - Piedra Fina [Self-Released]

Ckrono & Slesh - Os Amigo [Funk na Caixa]

Buraka Som Sistema - Zouk Flute [Self-Released]

Rudeboy & El Lvis - El Passa Passa [Unreleased]

Harmonic 313 - Bazooka Riddim [Soul Jazz]

Tony Quattro - Apocalypto Riddim [Unreleased]

Make sure to follow Savior of Sound Trouble & Bass on Facebook and Twitter for updates and everything bass related!

About Trouble & Bass: Trouble & Bass is the sound of staying up all night and getting wild in the streets, sweat dripping off the walls and speakers pounding in your face. For the last 7 years, these rowdy ravers have brought raw energy back to the world’s dance floors by effortlessly flipping bass-focused dance music in all its forms.

Trouble & Bass was born in the dirty streets of New York City, arising out of Luca Venezia's vision of a futuristic mob of DJ/producers playing hard-hitting warehouse beats with no rules. T&B built that vision into a reality with genre-bending DJ sets and monthly parties featuring the most cutting-edge talent from the US, UK and Europe. Along the way, T&B put Brooklyn on the global bass map while creating an aesthetic that’s now recognizable around the world.

Music from this week that channels your feelings and speakers from 0-100 like the famous words from your boy, Drake.

“Flicker” (Kanye West Rework) - Lorde 


If you slept on the Kanye remix of Lorde, do you even music? Straight from the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, Kanye West gave young New Zealand pop star Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” a distorted Yeezy twist and it feels as if you’re walking through the woods drinking a bottle of sin and tonic.

“24’s” (DJ Assault Remix) - T.I.

dj assault.jpg

Booty bass king DJ Assault revisited a 2003 rap banger from T.I. and added his Detroit bounces to a track called "24’s." The remix starts with a spooky shuffle of beats and as T.I.’s voice comes in, the rhythm builds as the entire attitude of the song becomes a bit more sassy and stompable.

“FREEZING” - Manicure Records


Thriving from the breezy temperatures of Canada, Manicure Records released a new pop sensation that flirts with elements of dance music while leaving you feeling brilliantly lovesick. “FREEZING” is a collaboration from producers Lilangelboi and Ponibbi. Watch out for an interview with the Manicure crew when our label spotlight comes out later this month!

“My Guns” - Yung Gud


Stockholm sad boy Yung Gud produced an adrenaline rushed single belonging in an action/thriller movie or just a soundtrack to futuristic automobiles speeding through time in an overpopulated city. Titled “My Guns," this track is off Gud’s forthcoming Beautiful, Wonderful EP out on November 24th -- a taste of his solo digital world.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

With an exciting release on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, young California-based dance music engineer Ookay has a lot to give. From the blessing of his 'Ghost EP' that came out on November 10th and the electrifying bass drops spread throughout the record, Savior of Sound Ookay answered a few questions with us for this month’s featured artist spotlight. 


Check out the interview below for an intimate take of what Ookay’s favorite pizza topping is, growing up in a Christian home, peeing next to David Guetta, his go to VSTs and the ultimate trap arm gif:

Q: How do you feel now that your EP is currently out on Dim Mak?

I'm glad! They're family so it was a no brainer and everyone saw it coming. They pushed the EP so well and it's been a success!

Q: Tell us about how you got linked with Steve Aoki and how the release came together?

First I heard he was playing Bouncer and we got in contact and started chatting and became friends. I told him that I would soon have a EP ready to go and he said "Dim Mak is ready with open arms!"

Q: The post on the Dim Mak site compares Ghost to tasting better than pizza, how much do you like pizza/what’s your favorite toppings?

I love pizza, but honestly who doesn't like pizza? I think my fav topping would be EDM.

Q: Take us to the very beginning, what was growing up with a musical family like and how did Ookay become a thing?

Well I grew up in a Christian home, my parents actually met through a traveling church choir. They got married and I popped out. My dad was a bass player and my mother a singer so music was around me at all times. I was always with the church musicians and would play drums at the age of 4. I grew up listening to gospel and jazz and expanded my library with rock, death metal, soul, R&B, hip-hop, funk and more. 

Ookay became a thing after producing for 4 years under another alias 'Leisure' and I made house music, but my career really took off after switching to trap music.

Q: How has your music developed throughout the years, from death metal to dance music?

I was just always open to new things. I always gave every genre a chance so it was easy to create my own sound just from having so many different tastes in music. 

Q: When it come to producing, do you use hardware or software? Hardware, what pieces, software, what are your go to VSTs? 

I mostly use software, except for my Alesis QX49 midi keyboard and Audio-Technica AT2020 mic. As far as VSTs go, I love Sylenth and Spire. I recently got Serum so I'm learning it a bit! So far it's great!


Q: I heard you’ve peed next to David Guetta once, how do you think your music career really popped off?

I called my mom shortly after the event and she burst into tears of joy. She even threw a party for me and it was a really emotional experience. I think all the talent buyers knew "woah, if he peed next to Guetta...he must be a great DJ." Ever since then...I've been buying my parents Ferrarris every month, in every color.

Q: Who would you like to pee next to now?

Hardwell, only because then I can ask him to unblock me from Twitter and he can't run away because he'll be peeing.

Q: The Buygore tour in 2015, can you list seven essentials you’re bringing from DJ equipment to hand sanitizer etc?

I'm bringing a polaroid photo of me peeing next to Guetta and a jar of pickles and a bottle of Jameson. That's all I need to survive on tour.

Q: Link me your favorite trap arm gif please.


Snag a copy of Ookay's latest 'Ghost EP' on iTunes. Stay tuned for more updates and music from Ookay by following him on Facebook and Twitter

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.