Just a few days ago Briana and Lori hitched a ride with a group of #DIY friends from New York to Pitchfork Festival this past weekend. With this eclectic group of friends ranging from a sandwich dealer, a lingerie model, a talent booker to even an art dealer - the turn up was inevitable.

What started out as a happy healthy vacation ended with missing fingernails, bloody knees, and a whole lot of infected tattoos. A million shout-outs to Pitchfork for making it happen and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


This is the true story... of six friends... picked to travel in a have their festival story documented... to find out what happens... when things stop being polite... and start getting real... Dude, Where’s Our RV? The P4k Experience.


Briana’s notes are in white and Lori’s are in blue.



8:00am- Bri’s luggage is a paper Trader Joe’s bag.

10:11am- Popped 2 sandwiches, I’m sleepy.

11:32am #VIPRV’s first pull over. Apparently one of our doors was not shut and it hit a car on the incoming traffic. Oops.

6:00pm Happy hour in the RV.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.54.00 PM.png

6:16pm Bottle #1 down.


7:00pm-The best $2 I ever spent is on this bin of mashed potatoes from a gas station that’s handwritten banner reads “Don’t fear guns, fear a government that fears your guns.”

7:30pm- Bottle #2 down.

8:10pm- Just dropped an entire bottle of red wine.

8:52pm Bottle #3 down.

9:03pm Does anyone know we’ve heard “Birthday Sex” at least 3 times already?

9:04pm- I think someone’s playing “Birthday Sex” on loop? I’m not mad.

9:12pm Everyone say hi to Ric. Ric is #thriving in his sleep.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.58.14 PM.png

9:30pm- Yo is this still “Birthday Sex”?

11:03- WENDYS

1:15am This is happening. See the large straw in wine.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.59.53 PM.png


3:02am We’re being guided by very DIY signs all over the Pitchfork house.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.02.03 PM.png

3:07am Drunk.

3:10am Someone just asked a Pitchfork editor if he can use his hot tub for a bubble bath, apparently he was in it last weekend.

3:20am A girl just squeezed in between Kait and her girlfriend Felicia to talk to Kait, “Did you used to work at 285? We made out in front of Bossa Nova to make your ex jealous” yeah probably.

3:30am Kicked out of Pitchfork party.

3:31am Party is over but we’re all hungry and brought salads from Walgreens.

4:10am Jason hotboxed the RV.

4:13am Bye!


10:00am There's no water in the RV.

10:20am Bri and I wake up and head to McDonalds to brush our teeth and wash our faces, no better way to start the day.


11:15am Mimosa hour in the RV.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.04.32 PM.png

11:28pm Felicia is brushing her teeth, we are parked in front of someone’s front lawn.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.05.52 PM.png

12:00pm Lunch with Felicia's cousin and her family, they think Lori is famous.

2:33pm I love my moms.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.06.04 PM.png

3:00pm Sweating in VIP line at Pitchfork.


3:45pm I am three Kettle One cocktails in.

4:00pm Gabe, a Vice writer, won't let me sit on Giorgio Mororder’s lap as he's interviewing him.

5:00pm Bri just left me stranded while being interviewed by a fully grown man dressed as an elf.

5:21am Haxan Cloak is playing but so hungry.

5:25pm Bri just ate the display food.

5:37pm Lori won't shut up about how she wants to sleep with Haxan Cloak but same, homeboy is ripped!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.06.32 PM.png

5:38pm How can I get Haxan Cloak to touch my body omg dying in the VIP.

6:30pm New York Times just asked me to take a street style picture. I told them my look is post Fourth of July trash.

7:28pm Bri said I looked sad so she made me chug my drink.

7:30pm Still sad.

8:09pm Giorgio dropped a fancy remix, Lori is losing her shit.

8:09pm Giorgio Moroder just dropped a fancy remix so I texted my dad.


8:23pm Everything ok a band is hooking it up.

9:17pm Popping a sandwich.

9:20pm Sitting in a lounge in VIP I run into an editor from California that cheated on his girlfriend with me. This would probably be really awkward if I wasn’t so drunk.

11:32pm Vatican shadow, ideal.

11:32 “I know why we like this, it’s ALL BASS I LOVE BASS MUSIC” - Bri.

11:35 Dark techno makes me believe.

12:00am-1:00am PLUR

1:00am ma brain is turnt.

1:11am WHOA, in the basement of a gallery and so turnt.

1:13am The trick to surviving festival long sandwich consumption is water, a lot and a lot of water.

1:15am Kait and Felicia show up, apparently Kait snuck in by telling everyone she worked for a headphone company and was bringing a truck of headphones for everyone. When that didn’t work she just rushed the door.

1:09am Bri is introducing herself to all the DJs.

1:56am I'm asking James, The GTW, "are you on one or two on" repeatedly, he doesn't understand what I'm saying.

2:34am Lori is puking straight water, making me feel some type of way.

2:40 Just puked in the alley but everyone thought i was peeing so i’m still cool.

2:45 Bri just poured hand sanitizer all over me.

2:45am Back in the basement, Total Kingdom is finally playing but we’re all too sober.

2:47am Too much too much, ubering to the RV.

3:02am Lori looks sad.


10:58am Hollaring at boys to let us use their shower, still in the RV.

11:15am Fine Chicago.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.07.46 PM.png

2:30pm First vodka soda down.

3:35pm There’s a cupcake sitting in this porta-pottie’s urinal. Is this a test?

3:36pm Double shots in these free cocktails, illegal.

3:45pm Thought I had a splinter in my butt, went to the porta pottie and found an ant. SMH.

3:55pm Walking over to Mas Ysa, we don’t look bad for #RV girls.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.08.08 PM.png

4:05pm Mas Ysa making me cry green juice tears right now.

4:15pm Bri is asking everyone if Mas Ysa is single.

4:16pm Mas Ysa’s v neck is so low he has a nip slip, and I’m down.

4:34pm We walk up to the bar and the bartender already knows our orders.

4:37pm In a relationship with the bartender in the far back at Kettle One station.

4:45pm We try to selfie with Danny Brown before his publicist shooed us away. WHATEVER.

4:46pm Tried to take a selfie with Danny brown for the content but he said press only. DO YOU NOT KNOW WE ARE PRESS.

5:14pm Bri and I sit in the lounge and divvy up some sandwiches. The woman across the way leans over to her boyfriend, points to us as we toss them to back, and audibly whispers, “I think they just ate sandwiches”...think?

5:15pm Ate a sandwich with this green juice with three shots of vodka, YOLO.

5:16pm This couple next to me in VIP lounge is telling a story about how her mom did something foul in a bag and threw it away.

5:19pm This VIP lounge rep is telling everyone how he shoved a little shirtless kid at the Pusha T show, not cool bro.

5:30pm Vice, do or don’t. (Felicia and I)

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.08.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.08.42 PM.png

6:00pm Shoutout to all the gray headed seniors in this Kelela crowd.

6:25pm Kait just called me the female Danny Brown, bless her.

6:49pm There is a blown up condom floating around the crowd at Danny Brown.

7:07pm Somebody in this crowd is holding a Shake Weight in the air. Cool.

7:09pm Omg security is beating up the dude with the Shake Weight.

7:15pm Lori is turnt.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.08.58 PM.png

7:40pm In GA for FKA Twigs.

7:40pm Kaitlin texts us “OMG GETTING WET AT ST VINCENT RN.”

7:47pm Twigs is teasing and whispering to the crowd, obviously working.

8:03pm Relating to literally every word from her.

8:08pm When you hear Twigs sing about heartbreak, I guess it means everything is ok???

8:15pm Bri is Tindering during the FKA Twigs set.


8:21pm Wow bri looks really sad.

8:22pm Channeling into when we saw Lana del Rey at Lollapalooza last year.

8:45pm The bartender greets us with a “HEYOOO I got you girls.” He’s drunk.

8:45pm Oh hey, boyfriend working at Kettle One.

9:15pm Bri points to a 60 year old lady backstage, “Is that St Vincent?”

9:16pm Just exposed myself while trying to get out of this hammock.


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.22.01 AM.png

10:51pm Went outside the tattoo parlor into an alley way to take some shots and Lori is sitting down casually peeing, no one else is noticing.

10:51 Lol is going on a planter again. Good thing i went commando.

11:50pm Shots inside the parlor.

12:39am Still here drunk.

12:45am Convincing Jon, UNO! Records, to get a tattoo and I think it’s working.

2:23am We are the only white people at the party.

2:37am TEKLIFE

3:35am I just washed my feet in the Pitchfork house’s bathroom sink.



11:03am F@(K A SHOWER.

1:00pm Just had three pork chops for breakfast.

2:00pm Bri, Felicia and I are slumped in our own filth in the lounge while Kait dances around us with trap arms yelling at us “lame ass losers” to “get turnt for content.”

3:25pm There's a group of teens handcuffed to the fence in VIP. They tipped over a porta potty and a kid inside got injured. Here's a selfie of Kait and the famous Marnie with the teens.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.26.35 AM.png

3:40pm Love Earl Sweatshirt because he is sensitive.

3:48pm Bri says she wants to see me throw up at least three times tonight, turn up.

4:17pm All four of us girls are waiting for Schoolboy Q to come on so we decide to break out some sandwiches and go to town.The father in front of us makes eye contact and looks like he’s about to cry.

4:19pm Schoolboy Q is killing it!

4:20pm I can’t blink.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.29.08 AM.png

4:20pm The whole crowd is puffing smoke because #420.

4:47pm There’s a 12 year old in a bucket hat standing next to me on the viewing platform for Schoolboy Q who hands me some of his sandwich. Still not sure what type of sandwich it was...

4:48pm I found my spirit animal.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.31.44 AM.png

4:50pm That 12 year old boy just got tackled by security and arrested lol.

5:46pm Devon from Majical Cloudz being the cutest human being.

6:00pm Thank god Greg was wearing a Teklife tee, he walks us into the artist area and onstage for DJ Spinn’s set, emotionssss.

6:01pm I’m Greg’s +1. MORE TEKLIFE.

6:15pm Lol somebody just pulled Felicia and I to dance onstage.

6:30pm I want to hold everyone on stage and bring them back to NY.

7:20pm All of Teklife gathers backstage for a family portrait as Rashaad’s parents hug Spinn while I die.


7:59pm Lost Lori but grabbing onto Jon.

8:04pm Third time asking Jon to take me to the artist bathroom because all these sandwiches make me have to go.

8:05 So much sandwich I can’t even communicate and Bri and I are separated so we can only caps lock and video message back and forth.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.09.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.10.25 PM.png

9:05pm Bri started a Kanye sighting rumor which sends all the Pitchfork editorial staff running.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.10.35 PM.png


11:45pm Kait’s doing that thing where she repeats stories over and over again. How does she get so turnt before the rest of us?

11:55pm Scared of the lady supplying paper towels in the bathroom.

12:13am I have turned Lori into a smoker. She loves menthols now.

12:15am I’ve never smoked a cigarette before in my life but omg these minty ones are dope i’ve had like 7 and I keep asking bri if I look cool while i'm smoking them.

12:30am Just met Mas Ysa outside the venue. He said “hi, I met you two days ago”. HOW but like, it’s chill, he’s still beautiful.

12:31am Mas Ysa just walked by I died.

1:32am These Pitchfork boys are asking me for sandwiches. I’m texting the dude from a band two days ago.

2:08am Sitting in VIP waiting for my band dude. I should pimp him.

2:10am Felicia comes back inside from a cigarette with a tiny man that turns out to be the DJ, he buys us shots and Felicia instructs me, “If he asks tell him you’re a lesbian, guys love that.”

2:15am I think Lori’s blacked out.

2:20am Bri has to physically restrain me from getting in the dance circle.

2:45am Kait keeps passing me drinks she stole from bottle service next to us, down.

3:30am Lori and Felicia are grinding on DJ Taso behind the DJ booth.

3:31am I think it’d be funny to pretend I’m djing and am quickly escorted out of the DJ booth.


3:45am Went outside for a cig and got offered molly water.

4:15am Walking Lori behind an alley because #drunkgirlproblems.

5:12am Ric woke me up from a couch.

5:13am Fuck, I just fell out of the door of the Pitchfork house, cut both my knees and elbows, and lost 1 1/2 acrylic nails.




About the Authors: You can follow Bri @banacrisp and Lori @kaylorikay on Twitter for more stories like this and highly entertaining interactions with famous people.

This story was told to SOL REPUBLIC by Briana and Lori. Have a crazy story of your own? Share it with us here.

Our pick of music happenings you need to know about. This week, Karen O drowns in self-pity while The Muffs rise from the ashes. 

Video: “Rapt” - Karen O


For a woman who cut her teeth as the queen bee of the Lower East Side’s early-’00s indie revival and went on to become one of her generation’s few recognizable rock stars, Karen O seems to have terrible luck in love. O’s new single, “Rapt”, is the latest in her catalog of low-key, lovesick mini-ballads (earlier entries include Yeah Yeah Yeahs standards “Maps” and “Skeletons”). Lyrically and visually, O takes an unflinching approach to her recent heartbreak, coldly repeating, “love’s a fucking bitch,” while she sinks deeper and deeper into icy blue water. If the end of your summer fling has you in need of a new breakup record, be sure to check out Karen O’s forthcoming solo album, Crush Songs, this September.

Album: Whoop Dee Doo - The Muffs


While Karen O is just the latest in New York’s rich history of punk goddesses, SoCal’s acid-surf and garage scenes have had far fewer female voices. All the more remarkable, then, is the career of legendary Muffs frontwoman Kim Shattuck, whose effortlessly witty and infectious songs have spawned armies of imitators. The Muffs are back this week with their first record of new songs in ten years, and lead singles “Up and Down Around” and “Weird Boy Next Door” deliver the familiar but timeless thrill of the band’s vintage sound.

Song: “Lay-by” - Tennyson


Canadian brother-sister instrumentalists Tennyson have an absorbing new track, “Lay-by”, that furthers their reputation for wringing gorgeous music out of everyday sounds. This time, a looping seat-belt chime--which, just spitballin’ here, may be the defining sound of modern technological angst--paces a jazzy, dreamy synth and piano interlude that, as it happens, makes for excellent driving music.

Album: Hyberborea - Flamingods


You could say Flamingods are out of London, if founder Kamal Rasool hadn’t been kicked out of London two years ago, when changes in the UK’s visa laws prompted him to return to his childhood home of Bahrain before settling in Dubai. Fresh off their first release, 2012’s Sun, Rasool and his bandmates (who refer to themselves as “players”) recorded their follow-up, Hyperborea, by sharing files online. The result is a rich and borderless blend of styles that largely defies categorization. If you can spare them the dreaded “world music” label, you’ll find in Flamingods a fiercely confident fusion of traditional music and contemporary instrumentation. 

About the author: Spencer Shawcross is a freelance writer in San Francisco. He hearts the TL and its many music venues. 

Not every musician can juggle a record label, international tours, consistent exercise, and motherhood all at the same time. But our Savior of Sound DJ Gina Turner makes it look so easy.

When she's not dropping beats on the big stage or collaborating with her husband Laidback Luke, she manages to be a supermom and a yoga master to boot. 

For this edition of Artist Spotlight, we jumped at the chance to get the inside scoop on Gina's crazy and exciting life. Check out this exclusive interview to see how she really does it all:

Q: What is it like being in a relationship with a music artist while being one yourself? 

It's an amazing blessing. We understand one another and can talk "shop" about work and DJing and ideas, while bouncing creative aspects and personal thoughts off of one another.

Q: How did you get into DJ/Producing? 

Radio is my first passion! I went to school for Audio Production and Radio Broadcasting, and eventually that led to me DJing since I grew up in the NYC house scene as a teen!

Q: What draws you to electronic music and why?  

I guess you can say I am a purist in that I love the community and mutual respect that comes with the underground scene. It's tough to find that these days, as I do find there is a huge pretentious attitude with a lot of artists and that makes me upset. We are all here for the same reasons, the love of MUSIC!

Q: A huge part of music these days is how you market yourself, what approach do you take to stand out from the others?

Hmmm this is a tough one. Honestly, I just try to keep it real and stay true to who I am as a person! So that has a lot to do with how I choose to present myself and my music to the world! I love having fun and making others think!

Q: What are your top 3 artists of all time and why?  

JUST THREE!?! My biggest musical influence as a DJ/producer would be a tie between Derrick Carter and Josh Wink. In terms of non-electronic music, I'd have to say I have been a long time fan of Incubus' music. I love their lyrics, the way they change time signatures, and their percussion! And in terms of Hip-Hop, it's hard for me to choose just one, but I'll go with Wu-Tang Clan for obvious reasons of awesomeness.

Q: Outside of music you teach Yoga, can you explain more about how you got into that and why? 

Yoga has changed and saved my life. I always did it and was passionate about it, but something changed a few summers ago when I was practicing yoga outside on a family vacation. I had just finished doing a headstand and a 60 min yoga class and I decided to hop in a pool to cool off. Not knowing the shallowness of the pool, I dove in and cracked my head and sublaxated a vertebra in my neck. I can hands down say, if it wasn't for yoga and my neck muscles being so strong and warm, I would have been paralyzed, if not dead. From that day forward, I decided to become a teacher to be able to spread the teachings of yoga and the benefits of yoga both physically and spiritually to the world!

Q: With that said, does music play a part in your yoga teaching? 

YES! I love making my yoga playlists, because I have such a diverse taste in all genres of music I get to play things that I sometimes don't get to play in my DJ sets! Stuff like Burial, James Blake, Portishead, etc.

Q: What does a day in the life of Gina Turner look like? 

Wake up, feed baby, drink coffee, stay up to date on music, record some radio IDs, go to yoga and or workout, and cuddle with my baby as much as possible... sometimes this will vary if I have a travel day or a DJ day ;)

Q: You and Luke just had a baby girl, congratulations! How is it balancing that with your crazy schedule? 

She's great, she's an amazing flyer! And it's tough but to be honest we are very lucky as we can go to work at night and get back before the baby even wakes up! I'm lucky and not many working moms can do that!

Q: What artist today really grab your attention and why? 

Artists that challenge your way of thinking such as James Blake. His music has been the soundtrack to my life over the past few years and he's an amazing performer.

Q: What advice would you give to up and coming artists and why?

Stay true to who you are and don't ever try to fit someone else's mold

Q: What was it like working on a record with Luke for the new EP?    

The upcoming track "Bae" with Luke was really Luke's brain child. He wanted to do something more tech/deep/future house and wanted to really touch on the fact that the "kids" these days are calling each other "bae." He wrote the lyrics and I put my spin on them, and did some ad-libs here and there and the rest is history! I'm really happy with how it's turned out and it's nice to be able to fit a new school Luke track in my sets. His tracks had been "too hard" for me to play since I play deep techno stuff, so this worked out perfectly. I am really excited for this single to come out!


Stay tuned for more updates and music from DJ Gina Turner by following her on Facebook and Twitter

This Spotlight is a new monthly feature showcasing some of our favorite independent record labels. For the month of July, we spoke to Brooklyn producer Dre Skull about the label he started, its developments including how Popcaan’s Where We Come From album came together and the best way of submitting demos to Mixpak.

First, here's a little taste of Mixpak artist Popcaan:

While you're listening, check out the series of Q&A below: 

B: What made you decide to start your own label?

I founded Mixpak because I thought there were projects that could be conceived and created that weren’t getting support from other labels. I still think that’s true and I’m excited to keeping pushing the envelope with Mixpak, I think it’s barely scratched the surface of what I set out to do with it.

B: How many people are your team and what do they do?

The Mixpak crew is pretty tight knit. At its core on the label side, it’s me and Susannah Webb. She is the label manager and jack of all trades, involved with day to day, creative decisions and creative direction of different kinds. From there we have a close relationship with our artists who are involved across the spectrum on everything from A&R ideas, design ideas, putting together events and more. Additionally, there is a constellation of people we interact and work with from video directors, designers and people who can get things done. The label is definitely in a growth phase so we are currently bringing on more people.

B: Can you tell me how your relationship with Popcaan developed? From how you first heard of him, your first meeting to this releasing this incredible album?

I first heard of Popcaan through his song "Dream", which I immediately loved. I first met Popcaan the night I was in the studio with Vybz Kartel recording “Ghetto Youth”(the last song on his album Kingston Story). Popcaan came by the studio with a few friends right as we finished recording. He kept rewinding the track by hitting the spacebar in Pro Tools. We listened back to the track for about 45 minutes, just vibing out until he had learned the words and was singing along. That was my introduction to Popcaan. About a year later, I went down to Kingston to work with Popcaan and we did the songs “Get Gyal Easy,” “So We Do It,” and “The System” on that trip. From there the relationship grew and Popcaan eventually signed to Mixpak to do several albums and Where We Come From is the first.

B: Out of all the Mixpak releases, which is your personal favorite? The one that just made so much sense to you.

That’s a hard question to answer. Each release has so many stories attached that make them all meaningful to me. I’m still so touched that Vybz Kartel cut such an incredibly romantic love song with “Yuh Love” and to see the life it’s had, getting played at weddings in Jamaica and all around the world is pretty special.

B: What's in store for Mixpak for the rest of 2014?

I’m really excited about the Palmistry single “Protector SE5” that we just released. 

Watch the official video here:

Jubilee is working on a new EP and I’m currently working on a Dre Skull EP that will hopefully be out this fall. Beyond that we have a few surprise things on the way, so stay tuned.

B: Between your busy schedule of producing, DJing and taking 
care of Mixpak, how do you discover music now?

I hear new music everywhere…from friends, online, radio, in the club. Music flows more freely than it ever has.

B: What are some things you consider before signing an artist, 
like a list of questions you ask yourself?

In this crazy world with so much music being made and shared all the time, you have to think, what makes a particular artist compelling? If there is difficulty in answering that question, then it might not make sense for the label to take on that artist even if they have a great track or song.

B: What is the best way for an artist to submit demos to you/get 
noticed by you?

The best way to submit demos is through Mixpak’s SoundCloud.

B: This one is just for fun but if you can describe Mixpak as 
a plate of food, what would it be and how would it be arranged?

Mixpak is like a straw in a coconut on a hot summer day.

You can follow Dre Skull on Twitter @DreSkull and his label @Mixpak.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

Music from this week that channels your feelings and speakers from 0-100 like the famous words from your boy, Drake.

“Chimes" - Hudson Mohawke

Last weekend, there was a very rare moment when I was alone and found clarity at Pitchfork festival during Hudson Mohawke’s set. During the middle of the Scottish electronic engineer’s performance, Mohawke dropped the first track “Chimes” from his EP on Warp Records that’s coming out on September 29th. “Chimes” is a surreal journey through a forest with glistening rays of sunlight as steady drums rally you up for the heavy and melodic bass descents.

“Protector SE5”- Palmistry

Mixpak’s sensitive South London producer/singer Palmistry finally has another single for us since his solo debut “Catch” from last winter. This new track entitled “Protector SE5” features intimate vocals that guide you through a delicate production with soft melodic traces of dancehall, just enough tropical warmth for a comfortable hip sway to this tender pop song--sprinkle a little bit of flirty romance in your summer playlist.

“New Dorp. New York.” - SBTRKT Feat. Ezra Koenig

The first teaser from Young Turk’s masked producer SBTRKT’s upcoming Wonder Where We Land is a dream collaboration with Ezra Koenig, the lead singer and guitarist in Vampire Weekend. Dedicated to the city that never sleeps, “New Dorp. New York.” is a funky experimental club track with multiple sampled vocals and Koenig’s gracefulness as each beat takes us on the hustle and flow of The Big Apple.

“Summer” (UNIIQU3 Remix) - Calvin Harris

Appropriately named “Summer”, this season’s EDM banger from Calvin Harris recently received a different twist by Jersey Club goddess, UNIIQU3. Easing into the track until 0:25, your booty will immediately bounce to UNIIQU3’s steamy edits and the experience intensifies when the repetitive words of “in the summer” comes in, making the entire club loose control. Don't forget to catch her set at P.S.1 for their series of Warm Up parties this Saturday, July 26.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps. Follow her @banacrisp.

Hold on tight as DJ SLiink takes this SOL REPUBLIC Podcast deep into the realm of Jersey Club and booming underground sound systems. Although this genre-bending New Jersey native is known for his signature blend of Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, he is no stranger to experimentation, often incorporating elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, Moombahton, and House. You name it, he's got it.

Tune in to his podcast takeover for a speaker blasting night at the club:

Check out DJ SLiink on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.