Hold on tight as DJ SLiink takes this SOL REPUBLIC Podcast deep into the realm of Jersey Club and booming underground sound systems. Although this genre-bending New Jersey native is known for his signature blend of Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, he is no stranger to experimentation, often incorporating elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, Moombahton, and House. You name it, he's got it.

Tune in to his podcast takeover for a speaker blasting night at the club:

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Our pick of music happenings you need to know about…Scottish newcomers Honeyblood make a strong addition to the power-pop ranks while the band that wrote their playbook returns with a retro single. 

Album: Honeyblood - Honeyblood


Glasgow duo Honeyblood’s self-titled full-length brings the band’s sound into fresh focus without compromising the bratty charm of their 2012 Thrift Shop EP. Back then, lead singer Stina Tweddale’s voice was barely audible under the grit of echoey distortion (Honeyblood’s bandcamp page for Thrift Shop describes the recording process as having happened “in a bathroom with a 4-track tape-deck"). In the years since, the pure power of Tweddale’s vocals and her hook-heavy songwriting with drummer and vocalist Shona McVicar have given the band pop ambitions that far outpace their lo-fi origins. Lead singles “Killer Bangs” and “Super Rat” distill Honeyblood’s natural sarcasm into a fizzy, soda-pop punk that still bites just enough.

Song: “Progress” - Francisco the Man


LA shoegaze fledglings Francisco the Man have a new single, “Progress,” ahead of their debut album, Loose Ends, which arrives in September. The new song starts with dreamy synths that quickly build to a mid-tempo and surprisingly anthemic rocker. This band has confidence to burn.

Video: “Hulluu”- Austra


Lyric-averse Austra single “Hulluu” gets the interpretive-dance treatment in the band’s latest video. The only person with less to say about it is frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, who confesses over and over: “I took your microphone. It’s in the river.”

Song: “Back to the Shack” - Weezer


Power pop elder statesmen Weezer have a new single, “Back to the Shack,” in anticipation of their upcoming album, Everything Will Be All Right in the End. As usual, frontman Rivers Cuomo’s relationship travails take center stage, but this time it’s his own fans who have turned and left. The song bounces along on a great opening riff while Rivers wonders out loud what’s become of all the good will from Weezer’s mid-90s golden age. (Hint: he spent the last decade obsessively developing an algorithm for the Perfect Pop Song.) While it’s still a far cry from the likes of “My Name Is Jonas” and “The Good Life,” “Back to the Shack” is at least a welcome acknowledgement of the old-school fans Cuomo has kept at arm’s length since Pinkerton flopped. For those of us still hoping to reconcile with the band we remember, it’s a positive first step--but hang on to your hopes ’til the record drops in September.  

About the author: Spencer Shawcross is a freelance writer in San Francisco. He hearts the TL and its many music venues. 

Music from this week that channels your feelings and speakers from 0-100 like the famous words from your boy, Drake.

"Bedrock Remix" - DJ Pay Pal

Most of us are Drake fans but not all of us will make a 30 track mixtape of various juke, footwork and chopped and screwed edits of your boy like what DJ PayPal did last friday. Titled Drake Edits, the entire collection is around two hours of Luckyme’s Berlin-based producer and his ADD feelings for Champagne Papi. His remix of “Bedrock” made it on our 0-100 because here is a #TBT of Lloyd, Lil Wayne, Young Money, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Jae Millz‘s collaboration for your shameless trap arms.  

"I Don’t Sell Molly No More" - I Love Mokannen

The internet is proud of rapper Mokannen because he isn’t selling molly anymore. From being inspired by Lil B to collabing with Mike Will and Metro Boomin, Mokannen is on his way of making it. Last month, he released a self-titled EP with the aforementioned producers plus Sonic Digital, who helped provide the music for “I Don’t Sell Molly No More.” This song updates you with Mokannen’s life as he’s charmingly singing and rapping about what else is in store for him.

"No Flex Zone" Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj - Rae Sremmurd

If I could I would insert every line of Nicki Minaj’s remix for Rae Scremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” but once her tone is pitched and she immediately taunts with “running this game for five years, guess that’s why my feet hurt,” that became the highlighted verse. Minaj’s freestyle meets all expectations of everything fierce and bad bitch-- a “no text, no sext, no flex zone” track that hypes our anticipation for her upcoming album, The Pink Print.

"Love Songs" - DJ Dodger Stadium

LA label founders of Body HighJerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy teamed together to form DJ Dodger Stadium and they just released their debut album with “Love Songs” as the hit single. Follow the harmonious chants proclaiming “lately I’ve been singing love songs by myself” as the sonic rhythm ascends to keep up with the visual tempo of Los Angeles via the music video above. Play it on repeat and forever. 

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

Our pick of music happenings you need to know about. This week, a few veteran acts release vital new music while a much younger performer revives an early-’60s standard.

Album: World Peace Is None of Your Business - Morrissey

Morrissey’s new record is out, but it’s understandable if you thought it had come and gone already. It’s been five years since Moz delivered his last album of new songs, but in that time he’s consistently grabbed headlines with the eagerness of an artist half his age. Lately it’s been mostly bad news--canceled tour dates and a mysterious respiratory infection come to mind--but as the opening horns of lead single “The Bullfighter Dies” and the Latinate melodrama of “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet” suggest, Morrissey’s sad-sack glory won’t be brought down by everyday bad luck.

Video: Tacky - Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al cashes in more than two decades of comedic good will with the heavy-hitting cast of “Tacky,” his video-spoof of Pharrell’s “Happy.” Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, and Jack Black are a few of the comedy veterans who turn out to pay their respects. Check it out at the Nerdist’s video page.

Cover: Don’t Make Me Over - Julia Holter

LA singer-songwriter Julia Holter delivers a sweet, sleepy, and totally respectful cover of Dionne Warwick’s “Don’t Make Me Over.” Holter’s version, needless to say, tones down the wattage and lushness of Warwick’s original collaboration with Burt Bacharach, but the subdued production makes for a more accessible (if somewhat less moving) sound. 

Album: No Coast - Braid

Illinois emo oldies Braid have their first full-length album of new material in 16 years, and the spirit of the band’s original run is remarkably intact. The pathetic-defiant interplay of lead singer Bob Nanna and hookman Chris Broach was ruthlessly imitated in some of the mid-’00s most dated music (here’s looking at you, Panic! At the Disco), but here it hasn’t aged a bit. New and old fans will be won over by the record’s title track and the excellent “Many Enemies.”

Music from this week that channels your feelings and speakers from 0-100 like the famous words from your boy, Drake.

“Calling Cards” - The GTW

Producing and singing under The GTW, Chicago’s favorite R&B artist, James King, gets emotional in “Calling Cards”. As if the track isn’t raw enough already, King’s visuals for “Calling Cards” features a significant other from the peak of their relationship to their love disappearing while King is softly crooning about how he can’t see the future without her #summertimesadness.

“Can’t Wait To” - Lunice

One half of electronic trap lords, TNGHT, Montreal producer Lunice is back to his respective solo project with a new single titled “Can’t Wait To”. As the track name suggests our anticipation for Lunice’s return and full length album later this year on LuckyMe, “Can’t Wait To” prepares you upon arriving at the club with speakers full blown and each beat soundtracking the old school hydraulics and spinners on your ride, whether it’s an Uber or your mom’s Toyota minivan-- this track exhausts troubled bass.

“Crazy Over You” - Cristian Dinamarco

Mexican Thump recently debuted a mix from Cristian Dinamarco, where you can find on his Soundcloud with a tracklist containing songs from PopcaanTinashe, Katy Perry and Cassie. “Crazy Over You” is however an original song produced by the swedish Dinamarco earlier last month. From the layered roses on a pitch black background as cover art, “Crazy Over You” sucks you into a hypnotic world of romantic sentiments while the words “I can’t deny to myself, that I’m crazy over you” are repeating back and forth.

“F*ck the Summer Up” - Leikeli47

Still under masks, anonymous New York-based rapper Leikeli47’s music video for “F*ck the Summer Up” begins with 2 girls biking around a sunny neighborhood and ending at a house party with a BBQ, water guns, more masks and a backyard turn up. This track is the ultimate summer anthem for those hot endless nights featuring Leikeli’s intimidating cadence that goes from 0-100 real quick.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes Twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

These guys know how to do it right. Michigan metalcore band and Saviors of Sound We Came As Romans show off their slick street style as they rock and roll with their SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS in this fun video:

Glad to see they can keep up with RELAYS. Can you?