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  1. Download the app from the app stores appropriate for your mobile device
  2. Sign-up if you are new user
  3. Sign-in if you are a current user via two methods:
    - Using previously linked Google or Facebook account
    - Using previously linked username and password. Your old password did not transfer over to the mobile app so you will have to create a new password:                                 
         i.   Click “forgot password"
         ii.  Use previously used email address
         iii. Create new password
         iv. Re-open app and log-in with new information

Logging In (Accessing your Account):

  • If you use Facebook or Google to log in: continue using that log-in method with the mobile app.
  •  If you use email and password to log in: click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page and create a new password for the mobile app.  You will be prompted for your email and if we find it in our system, you will receive an email with a link to create a new password.  IMPORTANT: if you don't receive an email to reset your password, check your spam folder.

Points and Profile Transfer:

  • Your account profile, total lifetime points earned, and current point balance will be transferred to the new mobile app.  You will have access to your existing account as long as you log into the mobile app with the same email address as you did via the web.  That means using the same Facebook, Google, or email login approach you used previously.



My password for the SOLdier website doesn't work

  • Problem: Passwords associated with email address log-ins were not part of the information transfer from the web to the mobile app. Your web account password won't work with the new mobile app.
  • Solution: Click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page and follow the steps to reset your password.  Login to the app with the same email address and the new password.


I login with Facebook or Google and I have 100 points instead of some larger number I used to have.  Also, my profile settings are blank except for name and email.

  • Problem: We aren't able to match your Facebook or Google email address to the email address on your previous SOLdier account. You have created a new account and must log in with the original email address, and you will have to follow the directions for create a new password.
  • Solution: Check whether you're using a Facebook or Google account with the same email your SOLdier account on the web has.  If not, logout of the mobile app, log into the Facebook or Google account that has the same email address as your SOLdier web account, and then try logging into the mobile app again.


My profile picture isn't available in the mobile app.

  • Problem: Profile pictures were not part of the information transfer from the web to mobile app.
  • Solution: In the mobile app, tap the app menu (top left of the homepage on Android devices, top right of the homepage on iOS devices), tap the "Bio" menu item, tap the Edit link, update your photo, and Save your changes. 


I can’t hear the audio on videos   

  • Solution: Make sure the audio switch is off “silent” on your phone or turn up your volume


My Challenges Disappear from the List

  • Problem: I submitted a response to a challenge, now I can’t see the challenge where did it go?
  • Solution: In the Challenges Tab, at the bottom of the screen are two choices, “Challenges” and “Submissions”. Tap the Submissions icon to see your submitted challenges. Once these have been reviewed and approved (if not automatic approval) you will be rewarded with the points. You can check your point balance on the home screen. 

Getting Help