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Wireless convenience with SOL REPUBLIC signature sound

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  1. Amps Air 2.0

    Total wireless freedom is here - two independent earbuds, seamlessly synced, with no cables or neckbands. Amps Air 2.0 reimagines what an earbud can be: the superior audio quality of Sol Republic headphones in a compact and sophisticated package. Take calls, work out, or just sit back and let the music flow. The future of wireless freedom is here.
  2. Amps Air Wireless Earbuds

    Two independent wireless earbuds completely free from any wires or neckbands.
  3. Relays Sport Wireless Earbuds

    Our best wireless headphone for sports and working out.
  4. Shadow Wireless Earbuds

    Blends with any style and rests comfortably around your neck all day long.